Need for Storage

Nothing is as sophisticated as smart storage. It is not just about fancy suitcases and briefcases, but the small accessories are often just as important. The man with passport cases, documents folder and skoputskit packed in läderbox have everything to…
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One Piece Beauty

Footwear sewn in one piece is in many ways ideal for the modern suit. Elegant Slim is the perfect finish for the pants. Moreover, they look as good with jeans as wool covers. Here five examples.

Southern Front Pleat

The sewn frontveckets has in recent seasons has experienced a renaissance. From having been a part of older men with stomach has now really got a foothold among a much younger audience.

Sunday Loafers

We continue to dedicate Sunday to shoes. This week it loaferns turn. One of the many ways misunderstood shoe model. What many see as a shoe for woodwork teacher is in the correct edition is perfect for both a casual…
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