The 10 Largest Lakes in the World

Lakes are popular recreational areas and the livelihoods of millions of people. Reason enough to take a look at the 10 largest lakes in the world.

  • Great Slave Lake

The Great Slave Lake in northwest Canada owes its German name to a translation error. Because the 28,568 km² large lake is not named after slaves, but after the Indian people of the Slavey, who used to live in the area around the lake, whose members were formerly referred to as “slaves”, which also means slave.

  • Malawisee

Lake Malawi, which extends over the territories of Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania and is 29,600 km² in size and 579 km long, is called Nyassa or Nyasa or Niassa in the national languages ​​of the neighboring states and is the third largest lake in Africa.

  • Big Bear Lake

Around the shores of the lake in northwestern Canada, silver and uranium used to be mined and furs were traded. Today the 31,328 km² large and 373 km long lake mainly attracts adventurous tourists.

  • Baikalsee

Located in the heart of Siberia, it is the oldest freshwater lake in the world with an age of over 25 million years and also the deepest with a maximum depth of 1,642 m. Its area of ​​31,722 km² and its length of 636 km are also impressive.

  • Hand ifsee

Located between Tanzania, DR Congo, Burundi and Zambia, it is the second largest lake in Africa with an area of ​​32,893 km² and a length of 676 km. With a maximum depth of 1,470 m, it is also the second deepest in the world.

  • Michigansee

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes in North America, which stretch across Canada and the United States. Unlike the other four, however, it is completely in the USA. It has an area of ​​58,016 km² and a length of 517 km.

  • Huronsee

Part of the border between Canada and the USA runs right through the 59,596 km² and 397 km long Huron Sea. It is part of the five Great Lakes in North America and was named after the Huron Indian tribe.

  • Victoriasee

With its huge area of ​​68,894 km², Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world and the largest in Africa. It stretches across the states of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and is the lifeline for almost 30 million people.

  • Lake Superior

With an area of ​​82,103 km² (which is roughly the size of Austria) and a length of 616 km, the Obere See is the largest of the five Great Lakes in North America and the largest freshwater lake in the world.

  • Caspian Lake

Because of its huge area of ​​386,400 km² and its length of 1,199 km, the Caspian Sea is not called a lake, but the sea. It is almost five times the size of the second largest lake on earth. The neighboring countries are Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

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