Cary Grant: Astro Hollywood Is Proof That Style Trumps Fashion

The longevity of the influence of the style of Cary Grant, one of the players most emblematic of the golden era of Hollywood, is proof that style trumps fashion.

Cary Grant Astro Hollywood Is Proof That Style Trumps Fashion

Who was Cary Grant?

Cary Grant was born Archibald Leach on January 18, 1904 in Bristol, England.

His childhood was tumultuous. The mother was hospitalized in a mental institution and the father told the story that she was dead. It was only at the age of 31 years old that he discovered that the mother was alive, was mentally unstable, and could be found in the sanitarium.

Because of the riots the family, 10 years have not had family. The mother admitted the father married again and started another life that did not include the son. Abandoned, was expelled from the Fairfield Grammar School to the age of 14 and joined a troupe of acrobats. Two years later, in 1920, he traveled to the United States for a tour of one year.

The young Cary Grant, still Archibald Leach, he became fascinated with the american lifestyle and decided not to return to England. Join the groups american, and in 1931, after several shows, went to Hollywood to try his luck as an actor.

In Hollywood

The new name came when they signed with Paramount Studios. The actor proposed the name “Cary”, and Paramount suggested a list of surnames. “Grant” was chosen, because the initials C. G. had brought luck to stars such as Gary Cooper and Clark Gable.

The success came fast. He took off with the role in Blonde Venus in 1932, followed two films with the actress Mae West, She Done Him Wrong and I’m no Angel. This last, was a tremendous financial success and saved Paramount from bankruptcy.

In 1936 came the move to Columbia Pictures. The acumen for comedy acquired during performances with stilts in his youth earned him the lead role in the comedy Topper. The movie The Awful Truth which came out in the same year he finished signing the actor as a protagonist handsome and elegant, but funny and autodepreciativo. This was very rare among the actors stereotypical of the season.

The list of movies was only increasing, along side stars such as Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Ingrid Bergman. There was talk at the time that every woman in the United States wanted to be with him and every man wanted to be him. The elegance, charm, and humor of the actor were something entirely new.

As well as other artists of genius who came from working-class british, he found in Hollywood an opportunity to reinvent themselves. While bach left his skills as an actor, was realizing that, to turn into a heartthrob of the movie theaters he would have to learn how to act and dress like one.

The Style of Cary Grant

“You’ve got to learn to like yourself a little more.”

With all the difficulties of childhood many have difficulty in understanding how the actor has come in its style and modes. Films such as Sylvia Scarlett (1935), The Awful Truth (1937), To Catch a Thief (1955) and An Affair to Remember (1957), among more than 70 long career bring the actor always with a classic style is impeccable.

On the inside he was a person mauled by all of the family problems. He decided that even if he had internal conflicts, it always would show confidence on the outside. The documentary Becoming Cary Grant tries to prove that the image of the actor is genuine but was built with a lot of intelligence and effort by himself along a rewarding career that began in the 20’s and only ended in the 80’s.

1. Study good references to develop your own style

Interestingly, he arrived in the United States in 1920 on the same ship that the famous actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr., They did not travel in the same class, but gave to look the classic elegance and timeless of the star, which had a huge impact on the image of Cary Grant. Years later, he was able to talk to Ralph Lauren about the clothes and accessories of Fairbanks, including details such as choices of fabrics, of a width of the lapels and buttons.

Cary Grant spent hours and hours researching on tailoring and watching people I admired to tame the “hooligan” of childhood. According to the actor himself, one of the crucial moments was watching the director Leo McCarey, the director of The Awful Truth, which had a level of sophistication which he had never seen.

Grant studied a lot about the subject and just developing an aesthetic understated and monochrome with a focus on shape and proportion.The qualities related to your style, such as the subtlety, smoothness, minimalism and elegance have been developed with much effort, The lines of his suits, shirts and shoes were always in perfect harmony to draw attention to its greatest strength: a face of a Hollywood star.

2. Use the clothes in your favor

First, he learned how to use the clothes in his favor. The collars of the shirts were wider and large to disguise his wide neck, something that bothered him very much. The suits and jackets had shoulder pads large, proportionate to his head, which he thought too large. The armhole of the sleeves were cut high to lengthen your silhouette, leaving it more tall and slender in the screens.

Is the actor the famous comment: “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even I want to be Cary Grant.” This mood autodepreciativo allying itself with the latter the refinement of a charming simplicity of someone that does not take itself too seriously. It was this dependence and this vulnerability that contributed to perforate the image of the gentleman, giving him a touch of simplicity.

To look examine its strengths and weaknesses, Cary Grant was able to find the version that made it more comfortable and turned into one of the greatest icons of styles of the world in an era before the “personal stylists” there. Archibald Leach became the image that you created for yourself. To him, more important than being in fashion was to create a unique style and an identity under the measure. He once wrote that pretended to be who she wanted to be to eventually turn to that person. Or it to turn it. Or if they met in the middle of the path.

Archibald Leach became the image that you created for yourself. He once wrote that “pretended to be who she wanted to be to eventually turn to that person. Or it to turn it. Or if they met in the middle of the path”. In the search and reinvention of his own image, he turned out to be a great aesthete, which affected the smallest details of the elements that made up his own appearance, from the choice of their clothing to the environments and objects that surrounded him.


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Cary Grant: Astro Hollywood Is Proof That Style Trumps …

Cary Grant: Astro Hollywood Is Proof That Style Trumps ...