Wearing the Vest

Male corset or stylistically position? Over Styled pop star or savile row-ekiperad United? The vest has many expressions and not least varied results. What is it that distinguishes a successful vest combination of a mediocre?

Question: Klubblazer?

I have walked around in the capital’s clothing stores and looking for an odd jacket, something I can wear to simple pants, which a few fancier chinos or even jeans, then I want to see some neat out everyday, at…
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The Joy with Blazer

There is a very strange idea about the jackets. It would be a stiff garments, almost synonymous with offices coercion and lack of inspiration. It is clearly evident that the Swedish blazer mentality must die.

Silhouette VS Fit

We are constantly bombarded by information, how important is the fit for your style. Especially now in the upcoming graduation times as many for the first time to buy a jacket and now advancing in this jungle how it will…
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The Trick to Snap Up

The shirt is the cornerstone of the modern man’s wardrobe. Usually worn it today without a tie, which many then only becomes a matter of one or two buttons must be undone. The truth is that there are many more…
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100% Cashmere in Color

Ankars business concept is simple. Cashmere sweaters of high quality, a variety of colors and direct sales to customers in order to keep prices down. We took a snack with company founder Niklas Anchor to discuss mythical Loro Piana, washing…
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Dressed by Age?

Little old or sick old man? Our fear of seeming younger or older than our actual age is a recurring topic. Something that particularly reflected in our dress. How important is it really to be dressed for her age? Is…
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Aristocrat Chic

The style preppy has dominated the spring. The dream of the perfect Ralph Lauren style has got a jean country to start dressing in chinos and jackets by seersucker. Unfortunately, the effect when a style is becoming more widespread that…
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The Man Makes the Clothes

Guest column: Some time ago I was on a huge outlet mall outside Los Angeles with some fellow students. Influenced by what, in all the Swedish fashion magazines and blogs would be the summer thing I picked inside the Ralph…
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Norway, the New Denmark?

Danish hippie design with Henrik Vibskov at the head has long been a lonely antithesis to the Swedish unadorned fashion. Now, however, they have been joined by Norwegians. Although the Norwegian brands are far fewer in number and less well-known…
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Vårjackor x 9

After months of heavy woolen coats will soon be time to take on vårjackan. Several stores have finally cleared away the remains from the sale to replenish its product range with new spring jackets. It only remains to choose the…
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Double-breasted x 3

Double-breasted is double joy. Prince Charles, Tom Ford and Valentino have all realized why. It takes a true dandy to seriously understand. Whether the main source of inspiration consists of luxury yacht cruise or tweed romance is double-breasted jackets are…
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Skip Kraglattorna

A distinguishing detail that is often mentioned for a quality shirt is removable collar stays. The reason is said to be that they will go to take out the laundry. Withdrawing kraglattorna however, is also useful agent to give a…
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Three Summer Styles

At a time when Lars Lagerback hailed for its kostymval it is fitting to review its style options. For those who want to be elegantly dressed even during the summer months and do not wear the national team shirt, here…
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