Clarksville, Ohio

Clarksville, Ohio

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According to homethodology, Clarksville, Ohio is a small rural community located in the northern part of the state. The population of Clarksville is around 2,000 people, with the majority being Caucasian. The geography of Clarksville is mostly flat with some rolling hills and farmland. The climate in Clarksville is generally mild with temperatures ranging from hot in the summer to cold in the winter.

The history of Clarksville dates back to 1818 when it was officially chartered as a village by the state of Ohio. Since then, it has grown from a small farming community into a vibrant small town. Politically, Clarksville leans towards conservative values and has voted for Republicans in recent elections.

The economy of Clarksville is largely agriculture-based with many residents working on local farms or businesses related to farming and agriculture. There are also several small businesses located within the town such as restaurants, shops and other services that help support local residents and visitors alike.

Clarksville has two schools: an elementary school and a high school which are both part of the Miami Valley School District (MVSD). Both schools offer excellent educational opportunities for students in grades K-12 with a variety of extracurricular activities available as well.

Some landmarks within Clarksville include Stoner’s Creek which runs through town as well as several historic buildings like the old post office building which was built in 1887 and still stands today. There are also several parks located throughout town such as Lions Park where locals can go for outdoor recreation activities like fishing or picnicking. Additionally, there are numerous churches scattered throughout Clarkesville representing different denominations including Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic churches among others.

Clarksville, Ohio

Population: 497. Estimated population in July 2020: 498 (+0.2% change)
Males: 235 (47.3%), Females: 262 (52.7%)

Zip code: 45113

Median resident age: 31.2 years
Median household income: $32,250
Median house value: $64,600

Races in Clarksville:

  • White Non-Hispanic (96.6%)
  • Two or more races (1.6%)
  • American Indian (1.2%)
  • Hispanic (1.0%)

Ancestries: United States (18.7%), Irish (16.3%), German (14.9%), English (9.1%), Dutch (2.8%), Scottish (1.6%).

Land area: 0.5 square miles


Clarksville, Ohio is a small town located in Greene County. It has a population of just under 1,000 people, making it one of the smallest towns in the area. The town is mostly rural with some small businesses and local farms. The median household income in Clarksville is $51,500 and the median home value is $125,700. Living costs in Clarksville are relatively low with groceries costing about 10% less than the national average and utilities costing about 9% less than the national average. The cost of housing is also lower than most other towns in the area with an average rent of $850 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. Despite its small size, there are many amenities available to residents including several parks, churches, and restaurants. There are also many different types of recreation available such as fishing, boating, and camping at nearby state parks. The town also has a library for residents to use for free as well as public schools for children to attend. Overall, Clarksville is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for a peaceful yet vibrant small town atmosphere with all the amenities you need at an affordable price.

For population 25 years and over in Clarksville

  • High school or higher: 81.4%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 3.7%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 1.4%
  • Unemployed: 6.1%
  • Mean travel time to work: 26.9 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Clarksville village

  • Never married: 30.1%
  • Now married: 48.1%
  • Separated: 0.5%
  • Widowed: 5.6%
  • Divorced: 15.7%

0.0% Foreign born

Population change in the 1990s: -9 (-1.8%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Clarksville:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Clarksville:

  • AIRBORNE AIRPARK (about 14 miles; WILMINGTON, OH; Abbreviation: ILN)
  • SPRINGFIELD-BECKLEY MUNI (about 32 miles; SPRINGFIELD, OH; Abbreviation: SGH)

Other public-use airports nearest to Clarksville:

  • CLINTON FIELD (about 12 miles; WILMINGTON, OH; Abbreviation: I66)
  • RED STEWART AIRFIELD (about 12 miles; WAYNESVILLE, OH; Abbreviation: 40I)
  • LEBANON-WARREN COUNTY (about 19 miles; LEBANON, OH; Abbreviation: I68)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Clarksville:

  • CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY (about 27 miles; CEDARVILLE, OH; Full-time enrollment: 2,782)
  • UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON (about 27 miles; DAYTON, OH; Full-time enrollment: 8,819)
  • SINCLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 29 miles; DAYTON, OH; Full-time enrollment: 10,577)
  • WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS (about 32 miles; DAYTON, OH; Full-time enrollment: 11,734)
  • UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI-RAYMOND WALTERS COLLEGE (about 32 miles; BLUE ASH, OH; Full-time enrollment: 2,266)
  • WITTENBERG UNIVERSITY (about 38 miles; SPRINGFIELD, OH; Full-time enrollment: 2,197)
  • XAVIER UNIVERSITY (about 39 miles; CINCINNATI, OH; Full-time enrollment: 4,977)


Public high school in Clarksville:

  • CLINTON-MASSIE HIGH SCHOOL (Students: 540; Location: 2556 LEBANON RD; Grades: 09 – 12)

Public primary/middle schools in Clarksville:

  • CLINTON-MASSIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Students: 809; Location: 2556 LEBANON RD; Grades: PK – 05)
  • CLINTON-MASSIE MIDDLE SCHOOL (Students: 425; Location: 2556 LEBANON RD; Grades: 06 – 08)