Climate in Central and South America

Climate in Central and South America

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The climate in Central America

When you travel in Central America, you are in the area from Mexico to Panama. The whole area therefore belongs to the subtropical climate belt. Still, there is a difference in the weather, depending on where you are staying. The many mountain ranges create a highland and lowlands. In the low-lying areas it is 20-25 degrees all year round, but there in the highlands at 25-35 degrees all year round.

According to, the best time to travel in Central America is from December to April. In Central America, this period is considered summer, and here it is at least rainy. The other months are particularly affected by heavy rain showers, which wash in from the east with the Passat wind.

The climate in South America

South America is the world’s fourth largest continent with a size of approx. 17.8 million kmĀ², of which most of the area lies south of the equator. It therefore means great diversity in both climate, nature and culture. South America extends over several climate zones – from the tropical climate around the equator through the subtropical climate and on to the temperate climate of the southern regions. The varying climate results i.a. in a very rich and diverse wildlife. Most of South America is located in the southern hemisphere, which means that South America has summer when we have winter in Denmark and vice versa.

Northern South America

The northern part of South America has tropical climates. The tropical climate provides constant high temperatures all year round, but at the same time also large amounts of precipitation. More than 2,000 mm of rain fall annually in the areas around the Amazon. This corresponds to 3 times more than what falls in Denmark.

Western South America

In the western part of South America, the climate is generally drier. The climate is characterized by the cold ocean current, Humbolt. In the mountains, winters in these areas can get cold, and likewise the nights can get very cold.

Eastern South America

The climate in eastern South America is either subtropical or temperate. This area is measured approximately from Rio de Janeiro in the northern part of South America to the middle of Argentina in the southern part of South America. Winters are mild, while the weather in the southern part of Argentina is predominantly dry and cool.

Southern South America

In the southernmost part of South America, due to the proximity to the sea, it is relatively mild. Therefore, winter average temperatures in some areas of the southernmost part of South America are -1 degree, even though it is relatively close to Antarctica.

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Climate in Central and South America