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How to Get to Netherlands


There are three major airports in the Netherlands: in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The busiest of them is Schiphol, located 18 km from the capital. Direct flights from Moscow are carried out by Aeroflot and KL AM, departure from Sheremetyevo, time in the air is 3 hours 30 minutes. It is cheaper to get there with transfers: Onur Air has flights via Istanbul with departure from Zhukovsky (travel time – 24 hours), Belavia – via Minsk from Domodedovo (from 6.5 hours and longer). See for other countries starting with N.

KLM flies directly from St. Petersburg to Amsterdam, the flight lasts 3 hours. With connections, they carry Air Baltic (from 5 hours via Riga), LOT (from 14 hours via Tallinn), Belavia (from 16 hours via Minsk). The fastest connecting flights are with Scandinavian Airlines: 4 hours with a connection in Stockholm.

The second busiest airport in the Netherlands is located 7 km west of Eindhoven. There are no regular flights, but major carriers organize “plane plus bus” routes with transfers in European cities. For example, with KLM a trip from Moscow will cost 190 EUR in one direction (from 6 hours via Amsterdam), with Pobeda – 95 EUR (9 hours via Cologne). St. Petersburg residents may not change to land transport: Vueling will fly by air from Pulkovo in 10 hours with a change in Barcelona.

It is more convenient to fly to the airport serving Rotterdam and The Hague from both Russian capitals with the Vueling airline. Its routes lie through Barcelona, ​​travel time is from 9-10 hours.

Details on how to get to the popular region of the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

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The fastest and most convenient means of transportation in the Netherlands are trains. They follow both to large cities and to remote regions, and there are two types: high-speed ones with a minimum of stops and ordinary ones that open doors at each station. Tickets are sold at stations, and in vending machines for 0.50 EUR cheaper than from “live” cashiers (for conductors in the car, the overpayment is 35 EUR at all). The schedule can be found at Dutch Railways website.

A train ride in a 2nd class carriage from Amsterdam to Rotterdam will cost 15.20 EUR, to Haarlem – 4.20 EUR, to Leiden – 9 EUR.

Intercity buses are used only for short distances: they rarely run, they make many stops, and there are no direct routes between major cities.

Public transport within cities

The cities have a unified urban transport system (GVB), which includes trams, trolleybuses and buses (including night routes nachtbussen). Amsterdam and Rotterdam also have subways. A ticket for one trip is valid for an hour and costs 3 EUR. It is more profitable to purchase multiple strippenkaarten tickets, consisting of several coupons, as well as one-day passes for 7.50 EUR and 7-day single passes for 34.50 EUR. The working hours of public transport are 6:00-0:30, it is convenient to plan the route at the office. website of the GVB system (in English).

Taxis can be taken at a special parking lot or ordered by phone, but they are much less popular than public transport. Landing and the first 2 km – about 7 EUR plus 2.20 EUR for each additional km. The cost of a transfer from the airport to the center of the capital is 45-50 EUR. All cars are equipped with meters, it is accepted to pay in cash, leaving a tip of up to 10% to the driver.

The Dutch often use a bicycle as a means of transportation. There are bike lanes on the roads and city streets, and special bike stands are located on almost every corner. A two-wheeled friend can be rented for 6-20 EUR per day plus a deposit.

Rent a Car

The roads in the Netherlands are freshly repaired, the drivers are polite and strictly comply with traffic rules, so renting a car may well be a good solution for a large-scale trip around the country with visits to picturesque rural areas. All tracks are free (with the exception of some tunnels), gas stations are very common. Traffic is right-handed, traffic jams are the least in the northern regions of the country.

Rental conditions are different for different companies. General mandatory: you must have a valid driver’s license, experience of at least a year, age of 21 years (for certain types of cars – 23 years or 25 years) and two credit cards. However, due to the small size of settlements, narrow streets and problems with parking (which, moreover, often cost almost more than rent), it is better to use public transport in cities, since it is developed here by five plus.

Roads in the Netherlands