Hungary Travel Destinations


In the picturesque landscapes of Hungary, a thriving countryside, lively city life and excellent food await tourists. Hungary can rightly be considered one of the gems of Central Europe, where Eastern traditions and Western way of life meet according to countryaah. For Finns, the price level in the country is still affordable, and Hungary is an exciting destination, especially during the summer.


Budapest – Danube romance

Situated along the Danube, the Hungarian capital, Budapest, is like a reflection of old-time Europe: old buildings, music and art treasures take the tourist back in time to the good old days, and fashionable shopping streets, clubs and restaurants bring you back to great days.

Hungary is abbreviated as HUN by abbreviationfinder. Budapest, with a population of two million, was born in 1873 as a consortium of two city cities, Pest and Buda. The Danube divides Budapest into the hilly Buda on the west bank and the flat Pest on the east bank of the river.

On the Buda side of the most interesting sights are the castle mountain and the center of the city towering Gellért mountain. The Gellért Mountain offers magnificent views over the city.

The impressive view from the Pest side are the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge, which together with the Statue of Liberty on Gellért Hill are symbols of Budapest. The National Gallery and the Széchenyi National Library are located in Buda Castle.

Perhaps Budapest’s most famous delicacy is the many spas in the city. The most famous are Gellért and Szechenyi, which are good places to relax. Spas can also be found on Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube, which now serves as the central park of Budapest. Locals as well as tourists come to the nature of the island to relax.

In addition to the spa culture, Budapest has a lively cultural life. There is a lot of music in particular. A great experience on summer evenings is an open-air theater opera performance, and there is no shortage of light live music on offer in bars and clubs.

Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe

In addition to Budapest, Hungary’s most important tourist area is Lake Balaton in western Hungary, the largest lake in the country and at the same time in Central Europe. Surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes, Lake Balaton has long been a popular tourist area due to its sandy beaches, mild microclimate, hot springs and clean, opal-colored water. In the vicinity of the “Hungarian Sea”, which covers almost 600 square kilometers, there are several towns and many well-known spas.

The bathing resorts surrounding Lake Balaton form a chain of almost 200 kilometers along the lake shore. A little further from the lake you will find undulating terrain, perfect for hiking and cycling tours and where you will find interesting natural phenomena and attractions.

Lake Balaton is a fairly shallow lake, and the bathing season lasts from early May to mid-September. In summer, in addition to swimming, the lake offers sailing, surfing and sport fishing. In winter, the lake often freezes, and you can skate or try ice sailing on its surface. Bicycles can be rented from many places and there is a cycle path around the lake. Wine has been grown in the area since Roman times, so you can also visit the vineyards during your stay.


Historic Pécs

The city of Pécs offers a special blend of historic architecture from both the west and the east. The tourist is promised Turkish architecture with its mosques and, among other things, old Roman-era Christian tombs, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, there are enough old churches and lots of beautiful old houses to admire.

Pécs also has a comprehensive museum offer, and the history of the city’s Barbican fortress dates back to the 15th century.

Pécs’s nightlife is lively thanks to its abundant student population, and there is no need to fear boredom in the city. Pécs’s restaurant and café offer is also right.

The spa town of Eger

Eger, like Pécs, is a historic city that has experienced a fast-paced history. Attractions in Eger with its old Baroque architecture include a handsome castle, impressive Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic churches, and a mosque built by the Ottomans.

As a spa town, Eger is a popular place to relax. In addition, Eger is a good base for active holidaymakers who enjoy nature: the Bükk Nature Park, located east of the city, offers good opportunities for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking, among other things.

Eger is also known for its vineyards, and Egri Bikaver, or bull’s blood, is the city’s title wine.

Orchards Kecskemét

The town of Kecskemét is known for its numerous orchards and vineyards.

The historic center of Kecskemét has remained in good condition and the city has many Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings of interesting architecture. The houses are often colorfully painted, and there are many small museums.

The most interesting UNESCO sites in Hungary

  1. The historical center of Budapest
  2. The cultural landscape of the Tokaj wine valley
  3. Hortobagy Puszta National Park
  4. Old Christian Monuments of Pécs with tombs
  5. The historic village of Hollókő with its surroundings

Five Hungarian dishes to taste

  1. Stewed meat stew
  2. Filled peppers
  3. Hungarian sausages and salamis
  4. Eszterházy pastry
  5. Various pancakes