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Viking and Celtic heritage combine in interesting ways on the charismatic Isle of Man. Scenic highlights include the picturesque national glens, or glens, the bays of the south coast and 621m high Snaefell, from where on a clear day you can see England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Isle of Man is home to numerous historical landmarks, which the Manx National Heritage Society has dubbed the ‘Story of Man’. Attractions range from. prehistoric tombs to multimedia exhibitions. The island is famous for organize the Isle of Man TT race and other motorsport events each year. Other signature Isle of Man attractions include its Douglas to Port Erin narrow gauge railway, which is serviced by steam locomotives, the Manx Electric Tramway, an electrically powered historic tramway that runs north to Ramsey, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway, a train that runs from Laxey climbs to a height of 620m. A shorter railway line runs on the cliffs of Groudle Glen.

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Getting there

Arriving by plane

There are no direct flights to the Isle of Man from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, non-stop flights are available from the UK and Ireland: British Airways (BA) from London City; Aer Lingus (EI) from Dublin; Eastern Airways (T3) from Belfast City and Glasgow; Loganair (LM) from Edinburgh; EasyJet (U2) from Bristol, Liverpool and London Gatwick (North).

Flight times

London – Isle of Man: 1 hr 15 mins; Dublin – Isle of Man: 50 mins; Belfast – Isle of Man: 35 mins; Glasgow – Isle of Man: 1 hour; Edinburgh – Isle of Man: 1 hr 5 mins; Birmingham – Isle of Man: 1 hour; Liverpool – Isle of Man: 45 mins; Manchester – Isle of Man: 50 mins; Bristol – Isle of Man: 55 mins

Arrival by car

Isle of Man National Transport buses are available all year round. Numerous coach companies organize day and half-day trips. Taxis are available in most major towns on the island; Car rental companies mainly at the airport. In the summer months you can also rent bicycles. Traffic regulations: left-hand traffic. Speed ​​limits are only in built-up areas.

Arrival by train

Horse-drawn trams run along the 3 km long Douglas Promenade in summer. The Steam Railway operates between Douglas and Port Erin. The Manx Electric Railway runs from Douglas to Ramsey. During the summer months, the Snaefell Mountain Railway travels to the summit of Snaefell and the Groudle Glen Railway travels to the scenic Douglas countryside.

Arrival by ship

Ports on the island are Douglas, Ramsey, Peel and Castletown. Isle of Man Steam Packet ferries, tel 0044 (8722) 992 992, operate daily from Douglas to Heysham, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Belfast and Dublin. Fast ferries operate during the summer months.

Passport and visa regulations

Note on the endorsement in the passport

See main entry Great Britain.

Entry with children

Since June 27, 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) for trips abroad (also within the EU). Entries of children in the parental passport are no longer possible.



Pounds (see main entry Great Britain), national currency symbols are in circulation: banknotes in denominations of £50, £20, £10, £5 and £1; Coins in denominations of £2, £1, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1p. British and Scottish notes and coins are accepted; However, Isle of Man notes are not valid in the rest of the UK.

Credit cards

ec/Maestro card/Sparcard Attention: Travelers who want to pay with their bank customer card abroad and withdraw money should find out from their bank about the possibility of using their card before starting their journey.

Bank opening hours

Mon-Fri 09.30-16.30, some banks also Sat 10.00-12.00.


Code Symbol Exchange rates (no guarantee)
GBP £ 1 EUR = £0.84
1 CHF = £1.00
1 USD = £0.81



The native language, Manx Gaelic, a variation of Irish and Scottish Gaelic, was once spoken across the island. English was only introduced in the last century. Today only around 600 people still speak the original language. On Tynwald Day, summaries of the new laws will be announced in Manx and English. The Manx language is kept alive in night schools, through radio broadcasts and newspaper articles.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

04/15/2022 Good Friday

04/18/2022 easter monday

05/02/2022 may day

05/30/2022 spring holiday

05.07.2022 Tynwald Day (national holiday)

08/29/2022 summer holiday

12/25/2022 Christmas

12/26/2022 Christmas

Friday during Isle of Man TT (motorcycle racing) week is a public holiday.

Duty free shopping


Duty-free travel only applies to travel between the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man, but not between mainland Britain, Northern Ireland and the island.

Contact addresses

Isle of Man Welcome Centre

Isle of Man official visitor website:

Sea Terminal
Isle of Man
+44 (1624) 68 68 01.

Mon-Sat 08:00-18:00, in summer also Sun 09:00-14:00.


Business contacts

Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce 17 Drinkwater Street, UK-Douglas IM1 1PP, Isle of Man Tel: (01624) 67 49 41. Fax: (01624) 66 33 67. Email : [email protected]



are widespread.

Mobile phone

GSM 900 network. The main provider is Manx Telecom (Internet: There are roaming contracts with various European and international providers.


There are a few internet cafes in the capital, Douglas. The main provider is Manx Telecom (Internet:

Post office

The Isle of Man Post Office is autonomous and only stamps printed here are valid.




VAT and prices are similar to mainland UK. Typical souvenirs include Manx tartans, handicrafts and pottery. Shop opening hours: Mon-Sat 09.00-17.30. In winter, shops are only open half-days on Thursdays.



English cuisine and local specialities, including Queenies (scallops = scallops) and Manx Kippers (smoked herring). Drinks like Real Manx Ale straight from the tap are recommended, as is the local whiskey, vodka and gin. Spirits are generally cheaper than in ‘mainland’ Britain. Pub hours: The curfew in British pubs has been history since November 2005. Since then, pub owners have been allowed to be open 24 hours a day in the kingdom and no longer have to ring in the last round at 11 p.m.


Best travel time

Temperate climate, no extreme temperature differences. Precipitation varies, on the south coast and in the northern plains it is drier than in the hilly interior. Frost and snowfall are less common than in other parts of the UK.

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