Jamaica as a Destination Country

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Populated by friendly people, Jamaica attracts visitors with its stunning nature, beaches and rastafarian culture.

An unhurried melting pot of cultures

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a dream destination for those looking for a relaxing beach vacation according to countryaah. There is no need to rush anywhere on the island unless you want to. Stunning beaches, warm sunshine, good facilities and interesting places to visit offer something for everyone.

Jamaica, floating in the Caribbean Sea in the West Indies, is an island nation in the Great Antilles. It is located south of Cuba and is the third largest island in the Caribbean.

Jamaica's climate

Jamaica’s history is closely intertwined with colonial times, when many coffee and sugar plantations were found on the island. For these crops, the British brought slave labor from Africa, and much of the island’s diverse current population is the offspring of these slaves. Many different cultures on the island have merged, creating a community and culture of its own.

Short for JA by abbreviationfinder, Jamaica is especially known for its stunning coral beaches, reggae music and rum. A small portion of the island’s population recognizes the Rastafarian religion.

The most popular tourist areas on the island are Montego Bay and Negril.

Jamaica’s climate

Jamaica has a tropical climate and average temperatures between about 25 and 32 degrees. The warmest is in the spring and winter and the most popular tourist season is the months from December to April.


Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year in the northern parts of the island, while it is drier in the south. On average, the highest rains fall on the ground in May-June and October-November.

The hurricane season in Jamaica runs from June to November. During the hurricane season, the island can be ravaged by several tropical storms.

Beaches and reggae

The white, long sandy beaches and the blue shimmering sea are a sight to behold for the holidaymaker. Many consider Jamaica’s palm-lined beaches to be among the best in the world.

The best sands of the island can be found in Negril, where you can enjoy a particularly relaxed beach life.
Negril is often full of people, sound and life, especially during the hottest tourist season. There are also many activities on the beach.

If you need a little calmer beach lounging for your holiday, you will find beautiful beaches in Jamaica almost next door – when you choose the one you like! For example, there are many small beach coves in the feel of the resort of Ocho Rios.

In the field of music, Jamaica offers everything you would expect from Bob Marley’s home island. With reggae music fresh, it’s easy to kick your sandals off your feet, dip your toes in the sand and enjoy life.

Excursions to the mountains

Montego Bay is the most popular and diverse tourist area in the island nation, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Since Montego Bay is built full of hotels and the city for most of the year is teeming with tourists, an authentic Jamaican way of life must be sought elsewhere. Good excursion destinations can be found, for example, in the southern part of the island, where, among other things, is located Treasure Beach.

The mountains of Jamaica are also worth a visit. Both tours and hikes can be made to the famous coffee plantation areas. However, you should only explore the mountains with a trusted tour operator. These include Sun Venture Tours.

Delicious food and the best coffee in the world

Jamaican cuisine deserves its own number among the cuisines of the world – just because of its coffee.

It is not worth leaving the island without tasting local specialties: coffee grown in the mountains and rum mixed into sweet drinks. Rum is an integral part of the island’s culture and local Blue Mountain coffee is often dubbed the best in the world.

Jamaican cuisine, on the other hand, is a diverse blend of different food cultures. The restaurants use guaranteed fresh ingredients and the fish caught that morning ends up on the tourist’s plate with interesting spices.

Remember to be careful!

Although Jamaica is a popular and well-known beach holiday destination, safety is also worth remembering when going on a holiday. In popular hotel areas, the tourist can feel comfortable and safe, but not in all parts of the island.

In the Jamaican capital, Kingston, crime can be considered a serious problem. In Montego Bay, too, caution should be exercised outside of tourist areas.

The tourist should therefore keep his eyes open and avoid areas and neighborhoods that are known to be dangerous. Up-to-date information on the security situation in the area and, for example, information on the safety of various Excursion Destinations can be obtained from hotels.



Flights and trips from Finland

Jamaica’s main airports are Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Flights to Jamaica cost around 900 to 1,200 euros. Finland also makes package tours to Jamaica.

Jamaica hotels

Jamaica has a lot of good quality and even luxury hotels.

The best hotels can be found in the most famous resorts on the island. The Montego Bay hotel selection is comprehensive and the facilities at the resort are plentiful. There are also many good-value and expensive hotels in Ocho Rios, for example.

Mobility and public transport

Public transport in Jamaica includes buses and trains. They are advantageous to navigate, but safety can still be questionable. In Kingston in particular, it is not advisable to use public transport due to the poor safety situation. Renting your own car is also not recommended due to the driving culture.

Vague taxis should also be avoided. A smart traveler in Jamaica will only use taxis from the Jamaica Union of Travelers Association that are authorized by the Jamaica Tourist Board. The most reliable way to get a taxi is to order through the hotel. The price of the trip is good to agree in advance.


Montego Bay

Montego Bay is located in the northwestern part of the island and has everything a tourist could miss: good hotels, great beaches and lots of activities.


The popular beach resort of Negril is located on the western tip of Jamaica. Negril’s beaches are some of the most popular and activity-rich on the island, and there are also many hotels to visit. Negril beach is often ranked among the best beaches in the world.


The hectic capital of Jamaica, Kingston, offers the opposite of relaxed beaches. The city in the southeast of the island has a lot to see. A popular destination is the Bob Marley Museum, for example.



The pros of Jamaica

  1. Stunning beaches and tropical surroundings
  2. Lots of activities
  3. Friendly locals

Disadvantages of Jamaica

  1. Kingston in particular can be insecure
  2. Hurricane season in June-November
  3. A slow-paced lifestyle can sometimes be annoying