Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Kharkiv is the former capital of Ukraine, the second largest city in the country and the largest in its eastern part. It is believed that the city was founded in the first half of the 17th century, and the exact origin of its name is still unknown to anyone. Some believe that it is associated with the name of the Cossack Khdrko, famous in legends, others that it came from the name of the Kharkov River, in addition, there are several other less popular theories. Like many other old cities in Ukraine, Kharkiv attracts tourists primarily with its many beautiful churches and cathedrals. See for other countries starting with U.

How to get there

By plane

Kharkiv airport is located within the city, 12.5 kilometers southeast of the city center. Every day it receives four flights from Kiev and one from Vienna.

Since October 25, 2015, Russia and Ukraine have stopped air traffic between the countries.

You can get from the airport to the metro by fixed-route taxis No. 255 and No. 152, buses No. 119, No. 115 and No. 297 and trolleybus No. 5, in addition, you can order a taxi there or rent a car.

By train

There are three railway stations in Kharkiv – Kharkiv-Osnova, Balashovka and Kharkiv-Passenger, the main station of the Southern Railway. Trains arrive in Kharkiv, departing from many Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. In addition, there are several trains from Minsk and Brest. The Ukrainian railway timetable can be viewed on the Ukrzaliznytsia website.

Near the main station, you can take trams No. 1, No. 5, No. 6, No. 9, No. 12 and No. 20, trolleybus No. 11 or a fixed-route taxi, there is also a metro station nearby.


Trams and trolleybuses are the main modes of transport in Kharkiv. In total, there are 15 tram and 27 trolleybus routes in the city, covering the entire city, in addition, there are many fixed-route taxis and three metro lines in the city. The fare in a trolleybus and tram is 6 UAH, tickets can be bought from the conductor or, if there is no conductor, from the driver. In the metro, a ticket costs 8 UAH, and in fixed-route taxis, its price depends on the destination and duration of the trip, on average 8-10 UAN

In addition, the city has a cable car connecting Sumskaya Street with the Pavlovo Pole area. The cable car carries 124 double passenger cabins, which during the trip rise to a height of 8 to 26 meters above the ground. The cabin rides the entire route in 18 minutes. Obviously, this is not the most convenient way to get somewhere quickly, but definitely the most scenic.

Entertainment and attractions of Kharkov

On Sumskaya street, the main street of the city, there is the largest number of old buildings. In this street, you can walk from Constitution Square, where the city executive committee tower and many pre-revolutionary buildings are located, to Freedom Square, the third largest square in the world, where all important city events are held.

In addition, walking along Sumskaya Street, you can see the Shevchenko Theater, a small and cozy Poetry Park, an Opera and Ballet Theatre, a monument to the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, located in the park of the same name, and one of the hallmarks of Kharkov, the Mirror Stream. Also not far from the main street there is a zoo and the Cascade, another interesting architectural landmark of the city.

Kharkovites obviously have a great sense of humor. Anyway, throughout the city you can find a large number of funny monuments, for example, the monument to flying lovers, the monument to Father Fyodor, the character of the Twelve Chairs, Ellochka Ogre, Ostap Bender, a soccer ball, and a green frog with white polka dots.

There are two botanical gardens in Kharkiv, the first one is rather small in the very center of the city, and the second one, much larger, near the Botanichesky Sad metro station. From the botanical one, you can take the cable car up to the Gorky Park, which has attractions and a children’s railway.

Another important attraction of Kharkov are its cathedrals. The oldest and most famous of them, the Intercession Cathedral, was built at the very end of the 17th century, and the height of the Assumption Cathedral reaches 90 meters, making it the tallest building in the city.

Kharkiv for children

For real sailors and pirates, the Maritime Museum is open in Kharkov. Here you can not only look at models of old and modern ships, but also learn a lot of maritime stories and personally pull the ship’s bell. Visiting the museum with a guided tour – 75 UAH. For young space lovers, the Kharkiv Planetarium named after V.I. Yu. A. Gagarin, who has been working since 1957 (the price of a visit is 50-75 UAH).

Opposite the Opera House, on Sumskaya Street, you can relax at the Mirror Stream fountain complex dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War, behind the fountain there is an alley of children-heroes.

TsPKiO them. Gorky is one of the best places for walking with children, not only for entertainment, but also for educational purposes. Which of the guys will refuse to walk on a real cable car? A cable car in Kharkov connects Sumskaya Street with the Pavlovo Pole microdistrict through the Park. Gorky and Sarzhin Yar. The one-way journey takes 18 minutes – the passenger rises to a height of 8 to 26 m above the ground, from where a magnificent view of the green massifs of Gorky Park and the Botanical Garden of Kharkov University, Pavlovo Pole and Shatilovka opens. Ticket price – 30 UAH.

And what could be more exciting than a ride on the children’s railway? This is a real youth division of the Southern Railway in Kharkiv, where trains are driven and pupils of Kharkiv schools work as dispatchers and conductors. The length of the tracks is 3.6 km, there are three stations – “TsPKiO im. Gorky”, “Forest Park” and “Memorial”. The children’s railway has been operating from May to October almost without interruption since 1940, passengers are transported by two trains of six cars each. A ticket costs about 10 UAH, adults – 20 UAH, children under 6 years old – free of charge.

Fans of water entertainment are waiting for the Jungle Water Park, the largest water entertainment complex in the country with a huge number of attractions, all kinds of pools and a full-fledged infrastructure. Children’s ticket (there is a restriction on height, not on age – up to 146 cm) – 160-200 UAH for the entire day of the visit, adult – 200-240 UAH. The Kharkov Dolphinarium invites all lovers of the underwater world to visit. Here you can watch performances of marine mammals and even swim with dolphins, as well as visit a real oceanarium.

Kharkiv Zoo is another great way to spend your free time and get positive emotions. This zoo was founded in the 19th century, and to this day it accommodates many representatives of the fauna from all over the world. It occupies an area of ​​22 hectares, on which there are aviaries, an aquarium, a terrarium and a bird’s corner. It houses about 400 species of animals, including rare and endangered ones.

Kharkiv, Ukraine