Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro

Milocer and Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro



Nature has generously endowed Montenegro with the sun, the sea, and the picturesque landscape. For many centuries, people built majestic cathedrals, powerful fortresses, cozy houses on this land, grew vegetables, planted beautiful gardens and protected groves of fruit trees. But even on this fertile land there is a place that surpasses the surrounding reality, and which is worthy of kings, in the literal and figurative sense of the word. We are talking about the small village of Milocer, which is located 6 km from Budva and 28 km from Tivat airport. The village is one of the most prestigious holiday destinations in Montenegro and, of course, rest here is not cheap. But the fact that the park of the former royal residence of the Karađorđević family is located here speaks in favor of Milocer.

In the neighborhood of Milocer, the “visiting card” of the country is sheltered – the island of Sveti Stefan, a small village located in one of the most picturesque places on the coast. The secluded beaches of these resorts are located in small coves and are popular with tourists from Budva and Becici. According to petwithsupplies, Ulcinj Riviera is one of the largest cities in Montenegro.

Beaches and hotels in Milocer

The territory of the royal residence of the Karađorđević family is 18 hectares of the most beautiful French park, a real masterpiece of landscape design, and beautiful beaches, the most beautiful of which is the Queen’s Beach, which is now owned by the 4 * Kraljicina Plaza hotel of the same name. This is a very beautiful, small – only 200 meters – small-pebble beach, bordered by cypresses and olives. For those who do not stay at this hotel, the beach is also available, but costs 75 EUR per day. For this money, you can rent two sun loungers, two towels and the opportunity to think about whether it is worth the money to join the royal life. There are also several hotels and private villas for rent in Milocer. The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Prices for them, especially during the season, are traditionally high, but there is always a sufficient number of people who want to relax where the royal family used to rest.

Cuisine and restaurants

Montenegrin cuisine, despite the geographical proximity of the Adriatic, elevates seafood to the rank of delicacies. You can taste local cuisine in numerous restaurants and chic restaurants at hotels and on the waterfront. Many trees here are more than one and a half hundred years old, numerous mountain springs and 18 lakes are hidden in their shade.

Shopping and stores

Has its own nuances of shopping in Milocer. Shops here are open until 13 o’clock, and then from 16… siesta. But you can buy a lot of original products by local artisans in them, which will not only remind you of your vacation in this unique corner of a beautiful country, but will also regularly perform utilitarian functions.

Entertainment and attractions of Milocer

The main attraction of Milocer is its huge botanical garden, where you can see plants brought from Asia, Africa and America. The garden was formerly owned by the royal family, but is now open to the public. Rare and relic plants such as tropical mimosa, Lebanese cedar, Japanese medlar, magnolias, agaves, cacti of various kinds grow here in natural conditions. It is also worth admiring Durmitor – a mountain range with lakes.

On a small hill above Milocer, the ancient monastery of Praskvica, founded in the 17th century, seems to soar. The name of the monastery seems mysterious. In fact, in the local dialect, “praskvitsa” is nothing more than a peach. And the monastery got its name due to the fact that an amazing spring beats on its territory, the water of which has the aroma of peaches. The temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the temple of Alexander Nevsky are also interesting for tourists. And the village itself attracts the attention of lovers of medieval architecture: it is carefully preserved here and, if necessary, restored. Narrow winding streets paved with stone, small squares, churches have retained their originality and color, and the touch of time has made them even more attractive.

Ulcinj Riviera

One of the three Montenegrin Rivieras, Ulcinj, can be a great vacation spot for the most demanding traveler. This area is characterized by stable sunny weather – 217 sunny days a year (the season lasts from April to November, that is, more than six months) and the purest water of the Adriatic Sea. Separately, it must be said about the beaches of the Ulcinj Riviera. They are famous for their basalt sand. It has a specific gray color and is not only suitable for relaxation, but also useful for treating the musculoskeletal system, as it contains a whole range of useful minerals, iodine, calcium salts and various carbonates. The center of the Riviera is the city of Ulcinj, the southernmost, almost on the border with Albania, the city of Montenegro.

The main local resorts are Ulcinj itself and Ada Bojana beach.


In this region, two beaches are most popular, completely different in essence, but equally comfortable. Firstly, this is the Great Beach, which stretches for 13 (and in the opinion of many – as much as 24) kilometers. This is the longest beach in Montenegro; numerous hotels are located along it.

Secondly, this is the city’s Small Beach, around which the city of Ulcinj is located like an amphitheater. Life is in full swing on the Small Beach all year round; the bulk of local cafes, restaurants, shops, and discos are concentrated here.

In addition, on the Ulcinj Riviera there is one of the most popular nudist beaches of the old woman in Europe.

Entertainment and attractions

The city of Ulcinj, by the way, is famous not only for the beach. Like many other cities in Montenegro, it has a long history and has always been a desirable prey for invaders. As in almost all cities of Montenegro, Ulcinj has an old part, in fact, a fortress, spread out on an impregnable cliff. From the end of the 16th century, the city fell under Turkish rule for three centuries, since then many buildings of characteristic architecture and numerous mosques have remained here.

The exotic bazaar in this city is known all over the coast. Not only tourists come here specially to enjoy the oriental flavor and buy local products, but also local residents.

Like all cities in Montenegro, Ulcinj can become the center of a rich excursion program: Lake Shatsk, Balsic palaces, the ancient city


– here is an incomplete list of excursions available from this city.

Ulcinj Riviera, Montenegro