Sightseeing in Mauritius

Sightseeing in Mauritius


Mauritius is the small, fine African island paradise in the Indian Ocean, approx. 900 km east of Madagascar. In addition to the actual main island, the larger island of Rodrigues and several smaller islands also belong to the national territory of Mauritius. If you choose Mauritius as a holiday destination, you will encounter a great and varied natural area with national parks on the one hand, and a great cultural diversity on the other… because of the colonial past, and because immigrants from all over the world and thus a wide variety of influences come together on the island – who here peacefully live next to and together. You should definitely get to know one special feature that results from this: the unmistakable “Mauritian Way of Life”, which you will most likely encounter in the capital Port Louis – whether in the market hall or between Place d ‘Armes and other cultural sights – or in Curepipe, the largest city in the interior of the island with its many restaurants and shops. Nearby you also have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Mauritius: from the rim of the Trou aux Cerfs, an extinct volcano. Another specialty is Charamel in the southwestern coastal area. If you drive inland from the coast past coffee plantations and sugar cane fields, you will come to the Colored Earth of Charamel, a colorful, shimmering earth that gives the landscape an unusual atmosphere. Also impressive is the Charamel waterfall, where the Rivière St. Denis plunges 90 m into a pool… surrounded by wonderfully pristine tropical nature. Not far from there is a small lake that is ideal for a refreshing swim – although Mauritius also has the most beautiful beaches, some of which are covered with white coral sand, and fantastic lagoons. And about sailing areas.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is the only national park on the island of Mauritius and one of the most beautiful sights. The fascinating forest and water landscape is located in the highlands in the southwest of the African island.
The national park has an area of ​​6754 ha. It is home to many endemic and threatened animal and plant species. Birds of paradise, flying foxes and numerous species of butterflies live in the old forests. Ferns and numerous orchid species bloom particularly profusely.
The area is strictly protected and monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the NPCS and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. For many visitors from all over the world, this nature park with its rare rainforest is the highlight when traveling to Mauritius.

Hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park

The best way to experience the unique beauty of the national park is on a day tour with a private guide. The network of trails is more than 60 km long. Most of the paths are well developed and signposted. They are divided into different levels of difficulty and are easily accessible in all seasons. The length of the different trails is between 9 km and 18 km for the way there and back.

Visitors can hike from one information center to another and visit many particularly beautiful viewpoints, such as the Black River Gorges Viewpoint. Participants in study trips in the botanical field experience the world of orchids, ebony trees, rare birds and flying foxes and ancient trees on the Forest Trail. The Black River Trail leads past waterfalls and gorges to Black River Peak, the highest point on the island at 828 m, from where there is a breathtaking view over the park to the west coast of Mauritius.

The Black River Gorges National Park is open all year round. There are parking spaces at the information centers. Entry to the park is free.

Sightseeing in Mauritius