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How to Wear a Suit?

Wearing the costume as a dandy, an art. expert advice. Today fashion has a very particular effect on interpersonal relationships. Reference group, social status, we only have one chance to make a good first impression. Here are some tips for…
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Eidos Napoli Spring

Next spring we decided to watch a little closer is a relatively unknown to us Swedes. It is the company Eidos which makes its only other Spring collection but already had a chance to make a name for himself as one…
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How to Dress in Style for Man

Being well dressed in the job is already no longer reserved the executive suite. Rather, it is-even in the assessment by recruiters-the “soft factor” has become. Decision include the occurrence and clothing to the work setting . They suggest the outfit as an indication…
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Why do you Wear a Tie?

Why do you Wear a Tie

With a tie, you can easily distinguish yourself from all the other men. Since it is not very often that we men running around and looks like a giant peacock with lots of colors, can a tie be the right choice…
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