The 5 coolest after-hours clubs in Vienna

The 5 Coolest After-hours Clubs in Vienna


You probably know it when the sun is already rising and you still don’t want to go home after a night of partying. Just for these cases there are a couple of cool afterhour clubs in Vienna that are waiting for your visit! In these 5 locations you can party until midday!

If you still have energy after 6 a.m. and can’t keep your feet still, you should take a look at the following five after-hour clubs in Vienna. These bars offer entertainment and a lively atmosphere even in the early hours of the morning!

SASS Music Club

Probably the most famous after-hour club in Vienna is the SASS Music Club at Karlsplatz. For more than 10 years, the “morning gymnastics” event has been luring tireless party-goers to the rather inconspicuous location directly on Karlsplatz. Here you can dance every Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and let yourself be carried away by the exuberant vibes. Anyone who has not been to the SASS at least once in their life does not know what partying means! By the way, normal events take place here from Thursday to Saturday.


According to, the Goodmann has been an indispensable part of the Viennese night scene for over 35 years. The city’s oldest nightclub not only attracts with legendary parties, but also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights. From Wednesday to Saturday you can dance to fat beats here until 12 noon and in between, for example, fortify yourself with a Goodmanns burger. The club was renovated in 2016 and has shone in new splendor ever since. In addition to a new sound system, there is also a more modern lighting system that creates the right atmosphere. Incidentally, megastars such as Tina Turner, Grace Jones and Mick Jagger have already celebrated at Goodmann.

Café Concerto

The Café Concerto at Lerchenfelder Gürtel is ideal for everyone who still hasn’t had enough after a night of partying and wants to satisfy their hunger. On Sundays you can listen to the chilled sound of DJ Monty Burns from 6 a.m. and treat yourself to a decent hangover breakfast. Live concerts and other cool events take place regularly in the Concerto from Tuesday to Saturday. If you have a thing for after-hour parties, you should at least stop by the Concerto once.


An after-hour of a different kind awaits you in the Stadl in the ninth district. For once, there is no dancing to techno beats here – instead, cheerful après-ski music booms from the speakers. If you want to go to songs by DJ Ötzi and Helene Fischer, the Stadl is the place for you. But you should already have had a few beers – anyone who ends up here is definitely not sober! But I can guarantee you one thing: the after-hour parties in the Stadl will stay in your memory!

Bright trout

The Grelle Forelle is not only known for cool concerts, but also for legendary after-hours parties. These are always announced in advance on the club’s Facebook page and are only for die-hard partygoers. Although the club officially closes at 6, the party often continues, especially in the summer months. As exuberant as the atmosphere is, you shouldn’t think about taking some funny souvenir photos. There is a strict camera ban in the garish trout! Those who follow the rules can look forward to an unforgettable night or an unforgettable morning!

What do you think of such afterhour parties? Do you like to party until midday or is that too much for you? If you know any other afterhour clubs in Vienna , feel free to leave me a comment!

The 5 coolest after-hours clubs in Vienna