Travel to Asia

Travel to Asia


Join Tourist Travel and experience the real Asia

Asia offers unique experiences in amazing surroundings. Our strongest starting point in Asia is in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, China and Uzbekistan, and from here we offer a wealth of opportunities.

We travel with a Danish tour guide or at tailor-made, individually arranged events.

This is true whether you are traveling to Asia on a cultural trip with the Sky Train, on a trekking trip, jungle safari or taking in a lovely beach.

Tourist Travel are Asia experts and our tour guides have many years of experience in travel in the various countries in Asia. We make a virtue out of taking you on a journey to this part of the world where you get away from mass tourism and experience the real Asia.

The world’s largest continent according to, Asia, is a land of glamorous experiences and breathtaking surroundings. Whether you are looking for a safari trip among exotic animals, want to pull off nature’s unpredictable trails or challenge physics with a summit trip, you can travel to Asia and find it. The many countries offer a myriad of different ways for you to experience the world.

At Tourist Travel, we like to travel to Nepal to experience the world’s best trekking country again and again. Sri Lanka is our go-to when we need to relax and enjoy the amazing Asian bounty beaches and in India the culture surprises every time, despite the fact that we have traveled here to many, many times. Read here on the page about how you can experience amazing Asia. We have travel for everyone.

Countries in Asia


We tend to say that Nepal is part of our DNA. When we travel to Asia, we like to strap on our hiking boots and go on adventures in Nepal. The country is, in our opinion, the best trekking country in the world.

Join us on routes that circle the foot of Mount Everest, meander through the ancient royal city of Nuwakot or take you up the mountainside of Manaslu. We look forward to showing you every nook and cranny of Nepal.


Get up close and personal with the culture when traveling in Asia. On your visit to India you will experience an abundance of colorful Hindu temples and palaces whose decoration is incomprehensible. The Taj Mahal is a unique example of this.

The Indian nature you are allowed to explore as you enter the tropical and humid jungle. We have tours where you sail with kettuvallam down the Kerala backwaters and observe the animal kingdom that unfolds around us.

Sri Lanka

Traveling in Asia can feel like traveling through the scenes of a Disney movie. Sri lanka is no exception. Take, for example, the Sigiwiyia cliff, which must have been the inspiration for the famous scene from The Lion King.

Sri Lanka is a green and lush paradise, surrounded by gentle bounty beaches. Here is both space for relaxation and adventure. The wildlife, the many tea plantations and beautiful monuments are queuing up to be experienced.


A trip to Asia is like diving headlong into a living history book. Vietnam is a special chapter with many extra pages. It contains stories of colonization, wartime and empires that will amaze.

Today, Vietnam is a beautiful and alluring travel destination. Take a boat trip in the blue-green Ha Long Bay between the many rocky islands. Or visit the Cu Chi tunnels, which have served as an underground network through several wars.


Bhutan is probably the most spectacular country you can travel to in Asia. Here the country’s prosperity is measured in happiness, it is forbidden to smoke and fell trees and the main road in Thimphu does not have a single cone of light.

If you want a cultural journey that will blow you backwards, then this is the destination for you. You will meet a friendly people, with their roots deeply buried in traditions and experience unforgettable temples and natural areas.

Tibet & China

A combined journey with experiences in both Tibet and China is a memory for life. We travel between the countries with the unique railway route from Beijing to Lhasa, which is a whole experience in itself.

On your journey you can see the former palace of the Dalai Lama, the Potala, the Great Wall of China and the overlooked Terracotta Statues. We explore cities like Beijing and Lhasa and get the Chinese culture completely under the skin on this journey.


The country has a long history of name changes behind it. Maybe Burma sounds better to you, but since 1989, the country’s official name has been Myanmar. A trip here is like stepping into a time capsule.

In the past, Myanmar was a closed country where the world around was not allowed to mint. Therefore, both nature and culture are relatively untouched. The country’s amazing history is told through temples, monasteries and beautiful cities.

Borneo and Malaysia

The huge island, Borneo, is divided into a Malaysian and an Indonesian side. With us as your travel partner, you can experience all that the Malaysian part of Borneo has to offer – and there is much.

We walk over suspension bridges in the rainforest, experience the funny nose monkeys up close and visit the hospitable Iban people in Nanga Sumpa. Take a walk in Kanabalu Park or on a beach holiday in Kinarut.

Travel to Asia