In the spa town of Baile Felix, you can spend a pampering holiday cheaply. Cluj-Napoca has a Central European soul Cluj-Napoca is the center of Transylvania, which exudes a Central European urban atmosphere. Street cafes and historic buildings overlap into a lively shopping center, which now also shows a lot of tourists. The main attractions […]

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History of Finland

FROM THE VIKING AGE TO TODAY Finland’s history is characterized by constant changes in the rulers. Both Sweden and Russia claimed the country for themselves for centuries. Despite these adversities, Finland has developed into a modern and democratic state. Learn more about Finland’s exciting past. FINLAND UNDER SWEDISH INFLUENCE After several crusades rocked the country, […]

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Hungary Travel Destinations

In the picturesque landscapes of Hungary, a thriving countryside, lively city life and excellent food await tourists. Hungary can rightly be considered one of the gems of Central Europe, where Eastern traditions and Western way of life meet according to countryaah. For Finns, the price level in the country is still affordable, and Hungary is an exciting […]

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Malawi - The warm heart of Africa

Malawi – The Warm Heart of Africa

An elongated country with high mountains, fascinating national parks and a cooling lake. The species richness of animals makes each safari exciting with leopards, elephants, many species of antelopes, Burchells Zebra unique to the area, hippos, waterbucks, crocodiles and a wide variety of bird species. Along the lake there are long sandy beaches, fishing villages, […]

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Ecuador 2

Ecuador and the Galapagos

The middle of the world According to countryaah, Ecuador, the small country in the middle of the equator, offers greater diversity than any other country in South America. The Galapagos Islands are one of our planet’s truly natural wonders. Here, everything still happens on animal terms and we humans are only temporary visitors. Here you […]

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